Cover your walls with ReMARKable ideas using whiteboard paint

for less than the cost of a traditional whiteboard!
Using Whiteboard Wall Paint for Ideas is Smart!

Save Money | Bigger Brainstorm Space | Increase Productivity


Your Path to a Whiteboard Wall in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Choose between any color wall or a white wall.

Step 2

Measure the size of your wall.

Step 3

Apply and Enjoy Your New Breakthrough Creativity Space!


The Writing is On the Wall

What Our ReMARKable Customers Are Saying

We already used your product in my bosses office. Now I’m doing two conference rooms and one part of our hallway.
We love the product and its flexibility =)


Jay Pearson

Development Manager, PayChoice, America’s Choice for Payroll

This stuff is awesome! We applied it to our “Solution Lab” using the clear Remarkable Whiteboard Paint on three of the Conference Room walls, covering 200 sq. ft. I was impressed with the way that ReMARKable covered the wall surfaces, without leaving too much stipple, and it was incredibly easy to apply with virtually no odor.

Every day we conduct multiple “think tank” sessions and literally cover every inch of the three walls with ideas, mind maps, and workflows. Everyone at the office absolutely loves the product! Extremely happy with the performance, and we aren’t done covering walls yet!

Christopher Hunt

Director - Solutions Design, SMS - Systems Maintenance Services

The videos are finally up on the site. We are thrilled with the results we got with ReMARKable!!! Thank you so much for everything!

Laurie March

TV Show Host, HGTV DIY Network

Why ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint?

Because You Get More Idea Space for Your Dollar


With a Whiteboard Wall, you are no longer confined to the limited boundaries and area of a traditional whiteboard. You can break all traditional rules and write on the wall, and even completely cover the wall with your thoughts and brainstorm power.


You can apply ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint to many different types of surfaces and objects. Many of our customers have gotten creative in setting up dry erase tables, desks, appliances, furniture and much more!